GTL Repair Services, Inc. is a full service "R" stamp repair facility specializing in tank testing, inspecting, repairs, and maintenance.


Our Services

Your dependable resource for all your tank trailer needs,

from testing and inspections to repairs and maintenance


R-Stamp Repair and Welding

     Pit Repair

     Jacket Wrappers and Heads


     Barrel Sectioning


Tank Trailer Repair

     Frame Repair
     In-Transit Heat

     Pump/Compressor Repair


Cargo/Tank Testing and DOT Inspection

Annual Inspections:

     VIK (Visual, Internal, Leakage) – Annual

     Lining – Annual

     Thickness – Every 2 Years

     Upper Coupler – Every 2 Years

     Pressure – Every 5 Years

     Annual Inspection – Annual

     Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Tractors and Trailers – Every 90 Days