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Our Expert Services

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R-Stamp Repair and Welding

GTL Repair is R-Stamp Certified (R-8789)!

We are certified for confined space entry of pressure vessels in order to perform  the following services:

     Pit Repair

     Crack Repair


     Barrel Sectioning

Tank Trailer Repair

GTL Repair Services has got you covered for all your tank trailer repair needs.


     Pit Repair
     Frame Repair
     Skin Repair
     In-Transit Heat

     Pump/Compressor Repair

     ABS Diagnostics and Repair

DOT Inspection

GTL Repair Services is capable of all DOT Inspection Including:


     VIK (Visual, Internal, Leakage) – Annual

     Lining – Annual

     Thickness – Every 2 Years

     Upper Coupler – Every 2 Years

     Pressure – Every 5 Years

     Annual Inspection – Annual

     Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Tractors and Trailers – Every 90 Days

Tractor Repair

GTL Repair Services can handle any non-engine related tractor repair.  Services include:

     Tractor PM
     Oil Changes

Pump/Compressor Installation

Need a pump, compressor, and/or PTO installed on your tractor?  GTL Repair Services can help!

We can perform the installation of hydraulic and shaft driven pumps and compressors.