Our Expert Services

R-Stamp Repair and Welding

GTL Repair is R-Stamp Certified (R-8789)!


We are certified for confined space entry of pressure vessels in order to perform the following services:

     Pit Repair

     Jacket Wrappers and Heads


     Barrel Sectioning

Tote/Iso Repair

GTL Repair Services can perform inspections and related repairs on your company’s ISO containers and totes.

Meter Repair

If you have a meter that needs repaired, or replaced altogether, GTL Repair Services can help!  Currently, we are capable of repairing and replacing the following units:

     Herbicide Meters (Monsanto)
     Endress & Hauser (PROMAG 50 NEMA/TYPE 4X)

Cargo/Tank Testing and DOT Inspection

Annual Inspections:

     VIK (Visual, Internal, Leakage) – Annual

     Lining – Annual

     Thickness – Every 2 Years

     Upper Coupler – Every 2 Years

     Pressure – Every 5 Years

     Annual Inspection – Annual

     Preventative Maintenance (PM) for Tractors and Trailers – Every 90 Days

Tractor Repair

GTL Repair Services can handle any non-engine related tractor repair.  Services include:

     Tractor PM
     Oil Changes

Pump/Compressor Installation

Need a pump, compressor, and/or PTO installed on your tractor?  GTL Repair Services can help!

We can perform the installation of hydraulic and shaft driven pumps and compressors.

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Tank Trailer Repair

     Frame Repair
     In-Transit Heat

     Pump/Compressor Repair

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Internal Valve Repair

When you send in your trailer to have your leaking internal valve looked at, are the other guys telling you that your internal valve needs to be replaced?


In most cases, if the housing isn’t cracked or damaged, you can simply have your internal valve rebuilt by replacing the components on the inside.

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