What We Do & Who We Are

GTL Repair Services is a Woman owned, Veteran Led, DOT Certified tank trailer repair facility specializing in “R” Stamp repairs in the St. Louis area.  We are capable of making all repairs to tanks internally and externally, including pit repairs, skin jobs, frame work, valve issues, and welding.   GTL Repair Services performs all HM183 inspections and rubber lined trailer inspections. We also work on all suspension, electrical issues, pumps, meters and intransit heat.  We do inspect and repair tractors and are certified to work on People Net and Omnitracs.


GTL Repair Services is conveniently located right off of 270 and Rt 3 directly behind the Quala tank wash in Granite City, IL.  We provide excellent service, and our turnaround time is incomparable to other facilities in the St. Louis region.  Our pricing is very competitive and our quality of work is of the highest standards, as we regularly inspect, repair, and maintain the country’s top bulk carriers.


  • FHWA Annual Inspections - VIK, P, T, UC, L, Rubber Lining 

  • "R" Stamp Repairs:  Pit Repairs, Sectioning

  • Skin jobs

  • Frame work

  • Welding

  • Internal Valve, Tank-specific Repairs

  • Pump & Compressor Installation

  • Suspension, Brake Systems, Lighting

  • Hydraulics

  • ABS Diagnostics & Repair

  • Intransit Heat

  • Tractor/Truck Services

  • PeopleNet & Omnitracs Certified